Facing by bowls, stainless steel antennae
1 / Description: A method of hanging the sheet rock wall openings and antennae systems đở bowl stainless steel pin. Quantities and specifications of the bowl has been calculated so that system hesitation bowl bearing capacity. It is evident in the construction drawings for each project. Clearance between the wall and the slab from 20mm to 60 mm depending on the deviation of the crude. Facial Φ5mm inox, Φ4 mm latch used to link together the broken stones into a solid block. Beard, batteries also work horizontal thrust loads acting on the rock face. Mounted latch bores (dowel), machinery (anchor) are filled, inserted by EpoxyA + B (Adhesive specialized use in stone).


2.1 / When fixing systems are mounted on concrete tiles:

2.1.1 / Preparation:

a / Supplies include
Some types of stainless steel Eight
- Bat and snails hatch: Use stainless steel 201 or 304. The number and specifications must comply with the drawing is released.
- Facial, Pin: Stainless steel Facial Φ5mm, Φ4 mm pin. Quantity and specifications must comply with drawings was released.
- Glue: For siding required to use 2-component Epoxy Adhesive

b / construction tools
- Tools stand positioning: Theodolite or plumb. For plumb must plumb the metal tip and heavy enough. Do not use temporary materials as plumb as error will be larger.
- Tools for horizontal positioning: hydraulic machines average, 3a6 lazer beam machine or hydraulic hose weight.
- Drills, cutters hand: Use the drill, hand mowers brands such as Bosh, Hilti ... to ensure safety and to higher work efficiency.
- Other tools: rubber hammer, knocked, nem, hydro meter, aluminum ruler 2m ...

 2.1.2 / Business construction
a / The wall construction should be examined in order to detect deviations (cardiac axis deviation, size deviation) .The deviation must be reported to the monitoring of the company to inform the investor (CDT), Advisory Oversight (Supervision consultant) must be uniform and handling instructions before proceeding with installation.

b / The steps are:

Step 1
Determine the shaft heart: Based on drawings provided by the company, the installation determine actual shaft heart. Check the actual heart and drawing axis. If discrepancies are found immediately report to the Supervisor of the Company to be resolved.

step 2
Drop plumb tension, the height of the water Balance (cos) standards.

Step 3
Drill holes in the concrete wall. Deep drilling holes to clean dust from drilling holes and hoped to bring 80mma100mm.

step 4
Epoxy two-component sealant used to fill and expansion drilling hole mounting screws .Siet bowl with location and category were released.

step 5
Bowl positioning behind the plate da.Xe immediately kicked back this position. Then tentative slabs up. If positions were cut back right, then proceed immediately fill positions glue rips. Set up stones and stone slabs fixed by butting and wedges.

step 6
Sawn rock edge to insert the battery: How similar construction mounted bowls.

step 7
Ron sanitation plaster after completing installation by region.

The note
- It is necessary to ensure safety during the construction overhead: Wear a seatbelt, helmet.
- Waterproofing the cuts at work (if any).

 2.2 / When the system is mounted on the brick facing of fixing blocks (only applies to low wall

- Due to the unique set of tile materials relatively large voids. So when drilling holes to take steps as follows:
- Choose where vertical or horizontal grout. Then, workers conduct exploration drilling. If the grout and certainly no will conduct implant bowl (or beard) on. Where uncertainty grout or drilling position does not coincide with grout, the workers will begin drilling straight into the flesh of the brick.
- You can test the strength of concrete blocks and stucco on the circuit works in the following way:
+ Where to catch bowl losses and beard.
+ Put snails hatch into place just then tighten screws drilled. There are two circumstances occurs:

a.T.H 1: If drilling holes into place winning unsaturated circuit and make the lake snails hatch will not be able to tighten or be blown up while on operations, the drill holes will be removed.
b.T.H 2: If the drill hit no grout into place, make sure the screws are tightened bloom (tightening force equivalent resistance of brick traction). This will ensure the strength of the brick when mounted on stone slabs.

- After selecting the drill hole, the remaining operations will make similar cases associated antennae, into concrete bowl. Location attached beard bowls will depend on the rough (because beard bowl mounted circuit-based mortar and masonry structures).
- The preparation and construction work on the same part of the construction process
- For high walls must have plans for dealing with brick (or bracing tonic concrete pillars), or use glue muzzle mounted bolt plan.